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A jump serve is an advanced volleyball serve where the ball is thrown into the air and the player makes contact with it by jumping and hitting it in midair. This is a popular serve in college and professional volleyball games because it has a lot of power and speed. Mastering the jump serve can confuse and demoralize the opposing team, which is a good way to rack up points quickly.

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In volleyball, the jump serve is a type of serve where the serving player increases power and serve height by jumping to hit the ball. The extra motion generated in a jump serve allows the server to put additional power on the ball and this can make the serve very difficult to handle for the receiving team.

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A jump serve uses topspin. You give yourself a high enough toss, and then you hit the ball and wrap your hand over the top of the ball to create a topspin. When the wind is blowing directly in your face as you're serving, this is a good time to do the jump serve.

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The big difference with jump serving is the fact you can travel forward into the court after you hit the ball. So, it’s important to create more power by broad jumping into the court. When jumping at the net, it’s more of a jump straight up and down. For jump serves, you are flying more forward and landing in the court.

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The topspin serve is more suited to serve deep into the court and it’s easier to hit specific spots because the ball’s flight is more consistent. The Jump Serve. Jump serves are very advanced and should only be attempted by players who are consistent with their regular standing version. Jump serves can either be a jump floater or a jump topspin.

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1. Coach stands inside the court, with their left foot touching the end line. 2. Coach tosses a low (antennae height) ball in front of the server. 3. Server approaches and jumps from behind the end line. 4. Coach calls "up" or "down". 5.

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For jump servers, ripping the ball down into the court is also important. Volleyball is a game of angles. For jump servers, reaching high and bringing the ball down not only allows you to get more power on the ball--it can create a whole new set of angles to make the passers’ lives hell.

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Hip rotation starts the action, then the body follows and pulls the elbow forward. Your hand trails your elbow and you bend at the elbow, causing your forearm to be a whip. Finish with a high snap if you’re hitting for accuracy, and for full power, your hitting shoulder finishes past your non-hitting shoulder.