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High School Tennis Drills | U.S. High School Tennis ...

Control Your Volleys. Poaching on an Angle. Lateral Movement. in Doubles. Four-Player Attack. Spider Drill. Handling Defensive Situations. Inside-Out Forehand. Playing Short Balls.


Each team stands in a line along the back fence on opposite sides of the court. To begin, one player from each team plays a singles point beginning with a self-feed from the baseline. After the point, the winner stays on the court and adds a second player from their team to their side of the court.

Teaching Tennis at the High School Level

Create four courts in each tennis court by dividing each half into two mini-courts going sideways. Use either portable, low nets or cones to create a net running perpendicular to the permanent net and through the midline of each side. This allows for 8-16 students per court to quickly get into gameplay and fun.


To meet this standard, the student will: 3.1. Understand how environmental factors affect one’s health (air, water, noise, chemicals). 3.2. Gather and analyze health information. 3.3. Use social skills to promote health and safety in a variety of situations. 3.4.

Tennis Programs for Kids | USTA

A child's first opportunity to be introduced to tennis is often within their PE class. Many kids and teens then have the opportunity to compete on teams in Middle School, High School, or both. Net Generation provides the tools, resources, and education to provide the best possible tennis experience within any school setting.


The entire USTA School Tennis curriculum is dependent on using equipment that is developmentally appropriate for the beginning player. This includes utilizing modified, easy-bounce tennis balls and shorter, lighter racquets. Using the right equipment is paramount for

A tennis curriculum for the fundamental stage of development

TENNIS LESSONS All our lessons use the “Progressive Tennis” system of modified courts and balls designed for the age and/or skill level of the players. Scale appropriate learning is used by many other sports (e.g. T-Ball, Mini-soccer, etc.). Tennis is learned faster and easier through this system. RED LEVEL 1 (6+ yrs)

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We can ensure that our lessons are efficient, educational and fun. Making The Tennis Team. If your child is looking to make the tennis team these are the skills that we will teach them: Forehand - Stance, Grip, Swing and contact Point. Backhand -Stance, Grip, Swing and contact Point.